Buying the Best Ultra Slim Paper Wallet

 The best ultra slim wallets for men and possibly women are made from paper. They can be made of card with origami folding to create a secure but temporary wallet solution.

Card paper wallets will only last 3-6 months. Therefore it is worth considering better quality paper. You would be wise to choose a wallet made of special folded paper called Tyvek paper.

Why are Tyvek paper wallets the best ultra thin option?

Tyvek paper is water resistant and almost impossible to rip with your hands. A standard paper wallet will only last half a year at most. A Tyvek wallet will last a couple of years. 

Tyvek paper wallets are just as thin as card wallets, but they last 5 times longer and will keep your money and cards safer.

Why do I need a RFID wallet?

A thin metal strip using RFID technology will transform your paper wallet into a secure one which cannot be scanned by thieves. The thin metal strips inside the wallet will protect your credit and debit cards from being preyed upon. 

RFID protection gives you peace of mind. Along with Tyvek paper you will have a surprisingly good wallet for a great price. 

How much does a Tyvek paper wallet with RFID protection cost?

Expect to pay around $30 for an ultra thin wallet with this specification and a cool design. The price may be a little higher for larger wallets or ones with custom designs.

What design is best for an ultra thin wallet?

This part is up to you. You might choose a simple black or brown design to mimic more traditional leather wallets. Or you might want to use a wallet that features an artistic design, whether it be abstract, minimal, bright, retro etc...

You may want a wallet which pays homage to a cult piece of culture such as a special movie, musical band, Tv series etc...